We are a team of experienced individuals proficient in academia, research and industry with proven track records of strategizing innovative solutions and evolving creative lateral thinking for various business-related challenges.

Founded by Umesh Prasad in 2017, World Conference is a division of UK EPC Ltd (formerly UK Education Consultancy Services Ltd), (Company Number 10459935 Registered in England); City: Alton, Hampshire; Country: United Kingdom.

We are also in the business of publishing of learned journals. We publish Scientific European® (SCIEU)® (a popular science magazine) and four academic journals with peer-reviewed articles based on primary research which are European Journal of Sciences (EJS)® European Journal of Social Sciences (EJSS)® European Journal of Law and Management (EJLM)® and European Journal of Medicine and Dentistry (EJMD)® . As a publisher, we are member of Crossref; our DOI prefix is 10.29198.

Our Services

World Conference organises:

  • Conferences on specific topic, symposia and colloquia
  • Congress, on general theme or area
  • Workshops with hands on training facilities
  • Short courses
  • Academic events including recruitment event

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Company Number 10459935. Registered in England.
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